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Freddy (35) 

Male / Single / ID: 2623303
Saarbrücken, Saarland, Germany
Seeking: Female 18 - 29
For: Romance / Dating

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Education: Bachelors Degree
Have children: No
Drink: Occasionally drink
Smoke: Don't smoke
Religion: No religion
Occupation: Self Employed

[Additional information from January 3, 2019] Usually, you would instantly get an overview about some facts about me, you need to know, because they WON'T CHANGE at any time - BUT I got many messages over the last weeks, in which lots of questions came up repeatedly, so I HAVE to make a point on th...read more >>

[Additional information from January 3, 2019] Usually, you would instantly get an overview about some facts about me, you need to know, because they WON'T CHANGE at any time - BUT I got many messages over the last weeks, in which lots of questions came up repeatedly, so I HAVE to make a point on that: 1. WHILE I'M ACTUALLY JUST A STANDARD MEMBER, I CANNOT READ ANY OF YOUR MESSAGES, IF YOU ARE A STANDARD MEMBER TOO!! ➡ If you're writing me daily a message, while I'm still not favouriting and/or liking you, you should have understand that I'm not interesting in you!! ~ 2. NO, I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A MARRIAGE!! ➡ Just because I'm already in my thirties, marriage is still not a duty! ~ 3. NO, I DON'T GIVE A SHIT ON RELIGIONS & WILL NEVER CONVERT TO ANYTHING! ➡ I believe in myself; self-confidence is a virtue, while belief in sth abstract like gods is pure stupidity, but it doesn't affect me. ~ 4. YES, FEMALE ATTRACTION ARE made by FEMALE CURVES & ideally by A VISIBLE SMILE! ➡ Starring at the camera, dressed like a model, but with an apatitical view (no smile, empty eyes & a ½ opened mouth may define a corpse, but not a living person, I could imagine to be with ...): that's not attractivity, it's trivial. ~ 5. YES, I AM OPEN MINDED & EXTROVERTED ➡ That means ALSO that I'm totally OPEN minded TO NUDITY. But - even though, I was formerly not willing to display that -: I knew women of several religions, who literally didn't care of being naked somewhere at the beach or topless in a public park. So: saying that your fictitious creature (= "God") don't allow you to be yourself, prove that you're not willing to break "rules" to be freed of medieval thinking, which means that we don't fit! Okay, I really had to bring that out ... Now, let's go further with the standard self-description :) ⬇ (Standard self-description since 2018) ⬇ Let's start with SOME FACTS about me, you need to know, because they WON'T CHANGE at any time: I've NO TATTOOS, I'm a NON-SMOKER and I have NO SMARTPHONE! So, if you're still curious to know a bit more about me: CONGRATULATIONS; you're obviously able to accept normal people, who don't have the obsession to share anything of their life with anybody and nobody across the internet - means: people, who know how to enjoy the life, especially OFFLINE! That said: I'm NOT BAPTIZED and NOT RELIGIOUS (but I love Chrismas, just by the vibes) and I'm a staunch meat-eater (I just drink my coffee purely vegan though). You're still here?? GOOD! So, let's find out, whether we may match and IF we do, how much we harmonize together; in the best case, we'll be best friends AND lovers at the same time (so at least: friends with benefits), which would be the ideal combination for a relationship and - after many years together - MAYBE one far day a reason for a marriage. Marriage is NOT a duty!!! Wait! You're STILL here??? PERFECT! Then, let's move onto the "Seeking"-section ... [Btw: I had a webcam until late 2016 before it broke down for unknown reason, so MAYBE I'll buy a new one in the next months, but I hadn't a big need since then, but hey maybe 2019 again ... we'll see ...]

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Gender: Male Female
Age: 35 18 - 29
Lives in: Saarbrücken, Saarland, Germany Any
Relocate: Willing to relocate within my country Any
Hair color: Light Brown Light Brown, Brown, Black, Red, Blonde, Changes frequently
Hair length: Short Any
Hair type: Straight Any
Eye color: Green Any
Eye wear: None Any
Height: 6'4" (193 cm) No Answer - 5'10" (179 cm)
Weight: 95 kg (209 lb) No Answer - 79 kg (174 lb)
Body style: Average Petite, Slim, Average, Few Extra Pounds, Full Figured
Ethnicity: Caucasian (White) Any
Facial hair: Prefer not to say N/A
Best feature: Prefer not to say Any
Body art: None Piercing, Earrings, None
Appearance: Average Any
Drink: Occasionally drink Any
Smoke: Don't smoke Don't smoke
Marital Status: Single Any
Have children: No Yes - sometimes live at home, Yes - don't live at home, No
Number of children: N/A Any
Oldest child: N/A Any
Youngest child: N/A Any
Want (more) children: Yes Yes, Not Sure
Have pets: No Pets Dog, Cat, Fish, Bird, Horse, Hamster / Guinea Pigs, Rabbit, Reptile, No Pets
Occupation: Self Employed Any
Employment status: Homemaker Any
Income: Prefer not to say Any
Home type: House Any
Living situation: Other Live Alone, Live with friends, Live with family
Background / Cultural Values 
Nationality: Germany Any
Education: Bachelors Degree Any
Languages spoken: English,French,German English, French, German
English ability: Very Good Any
Thai ability: None Any
Religion: No religion Any
Chinese sign: Pig Any
Star sign: Pisces Any
Bust: N/A 39" (100 cm) - Prefer not to say
Waist: N/A Any
Hips: N/A Any
Hobbies & Interests
Entertainment: Other, Antiques, Beach / Parks, Camping / Nature, Cars / Mechanics, Collecting, Computers / Internet, Comedy Clubs, Cooking / Food and Wine, Dining Out, Dinner Parties, Gardening / Landscaping, Home Improvement, Investing / Finance, Library, Music (Listening), Motorcycles, Movies / Cinema, Museums / Galleries, Pets, Photography, Reading, Traveling, TV: Educational / News, TV: Entertainment, Video / Online Games, Watching Sports, Wine Tasting, Writing
Food: Other, American, French, Middle Eastern, Barbecue, German, Seafood, Cajun / Southern, Greek, Soul Food, California-Fusion, Indian, South American, Caribbean/Cuban, Italian, Southwestern, Chinese / Dim Sum, Japanese / Sushi, Continental, Jewish / Kosher, Thai, Deli, Korean, Vegetarian / Organic, Eastern European, Mediterranean, Vegan, Fast Food / Pizza, Mexican, Vietnamese
Music: Other, Alternative, Classical / Opera, Country / Folk, Dance / Techno, Jazz / Blues, New Age, Pop, Rap, Reggae, Religious, R'n'B / Hip Hop, Rock, Soft Rock, World
Sport: Other, Auto Racing, Biking, Cycling, Darts, Fishing, Golf, Motor Sports, Pool / Billards, Tennis / Badminton

1. YES, your exterior appearance IS important in 1st place! (Everybody, who's denying this, is lying - or blind.) Means: if you're tattooed, our potential relationship would probably never become more than a friendship with benefits or a partnership without children (but I want children one day,...read more >>

1. YES, your exterior appearance IS important in 1st place! (Everybody, who's denying this, is lying - or blind.) Means: if you're tattooed, our potential relationship would probably never become more than a friendship with benefits or a partnership without children (but I want children one day, so ...) - because tattoos are (to me) a TABOO to initiate an own family! I might be able to live with a tiny one, as long as it'll be the only one forever; otherwise remember this other fact: MORE tattoos you have or want to have, BIGGER will be the chance to lose me = to split with me. It's up to you! So: if I gave you a like HERE, though I saw your (single!) tattoo, you got the rare opportunity to be very special in a positive way to me. But, if you need more tattoos, you won't need ME at all ... Also: if you're a smoker, you have to chose between continuing this unhealthy life (which would mean that we're not have a deep going relationship, except if you keep any smoking utensils far away of my home and won't smoke, while I'm around) or stop any further smoking to have a future with me (no matter, how much time, we might be together). 2. In 2nd place, your character is obviously also very important, but there's a bunch of aspects, you should be open to (and I guess, this will be the most crucial chapter to name them): a. Be always delightful to me, anywhere and at any time! Because: I will be the same to you - but it's not a one-way-ticket!! If anybody in the world, wouldn't think to be perfect by themselves, lots of intrigues and wars would never have been started. So, if I call you "perfect" (to me), it's fully acceptable that YOU don't think the same thing. In the same time: just, because you think, you may look perfect to me, it doesn't mean that I feel the same way. b. Religious values doesn't matter - at all! On lots of profiles (= too much!), I read the keyword "God-fearing" - that disqualifies you pretty quickly for so many reasons: I'm cursing a lot; make jokes about "gods", religious "values" and so on; also, I've no problems about pre-marriage sex and pregnancies or abortions. So, if you do have issues with that, I'm sure, it'll be difficult to you to change or to dismiss all that just for me ... Also, like I already said: I'm not a religious person. So, the rare times, you may see me in a church or on a cemetary, it's probably due to invitations to baptems, marriages or the sad fact that somebody, I knew, left this world against his/her own will. And yes: that means, that I'm NOT going to funerals of people, who took their own life, just to solve their own so-called "problems". I know: life is tough, but suicide is the biggest cowardice to come up, just to show the world, how uncreative that person thought to be to get rid-off its issues. c. Languages are definitely very useful skills to have, just to talk with somebody else. 1) GERMAN is my main language, because I've been born in Germany, raised and lived there for the most time of my life until now. 2) FRENCH was / should be my 2nd most spoken language, because I'm not only a German guy, but for a half even a French one; my father is German, while my mother is from France. But over almost the last two decades, French became my less spoken language, cause of the bigger use of my actually 3rd one, which is (see below) 3) ENGLISH: while I got in contact with German and French since my youngest age through my parents and relatives, I purely learned English formerly at school, which ended to be British English. Later on, following tv-series and movies in the original version, I got better and better to learn American English, just to realize that I'm even better in pronounciations and understandings in the US-style than in the British one (except the Scottish accent, which I'd define as easier to understand than the purely "swollen" British accent). So, f.e. it might explain, why I'm cursing so much in quite any of these 3 languages and why I'm shorten many expressions - like "it ain't" (NY-style for "it isn't") than "it is not" (in British English) ... ;) On the same time, I do of course admit that there's a lot of other languages in the world, but I wouldn't say that I'm able to TALK in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Farsi, Swedish or even Chinese or Japanese, just because I know only a random assortiment of words, signs or maybe even sentences (which are mainly phrases of courtesy). Like I often said: learning a new language is always possible, but at least when you've not only need to get in contact with a new area to SPEAK with, but also need to WRITE in a fully other kind of signs, you must have the perseverance to do your best, to avoid misunderstandings - and that's definitely the most harsh one. So, if YOU know none of the German, French and/or English language, use an automatic translator - just by never forgetting, that such translation programs don't know anything by themselves and might easily confuse the meaning of some words, you choose to use. Why? Cause, I'm not gonna have a REAL friend-/relationsship with somebody, I'm not able to TALK to without any translator on hand!! Means: if you intend that I've to talk to you in your language(s), I'm not (yet) ready to use fluently, YOU have the same obligation to try to learn MY language(s) to talk to me in the same way. Worst case? You and I split - but you'll be than anyway able to say that you learned at least another language one (no matter for which reasons) ... and that would never be a bad experience!! d. I'm a quite relaxed person, means: I'm half optimist and at the same time half pessimist. Optimist, because: in quite any situation, I'm considering the potential consequences of my upcoming decisions. An example: let's say you've never been at the ocean in your entire life, but you'd love to get there somehow, at least even just for one day. At the same time, I would talk to your boss at your office, to organize (without your knowing) an entire week of vacation for you, just to take you to the ocean for that same period. As long as, your boss would be okay for at a certain time in the calendar, I would then renounce for a week to a potential income in my job to fulfill your wish. Pessimist, because: just because an opportunity might come up, which could make my life easier, it doesn't mean that I'm going for it, just because I love the hard work. So: if you're now sitting in front of these lines, while nodding, I guarantee you, we could match ... Cause though "life" itself always has been a bunch of opportunities and possible ways, it remains a constantly adventure. So: taking risks sometimes are only acceptable, if you can imagine, what you could probably miss, if you're NOT taking a risk. e. You need to know, how to manage your own money! Because, I'm NOT talking about revenues and cash expenditures; anybody should have their own amount of money to get whatever they need, while to save cash for some personal dreams or to know, in which moments some things are obsolete. So, if your dreams consists of an unsafe amount of gold, diamonds, high-end technical gimmicks and/or private areas with a huge servanthood, who's just waiting to bring you whatever you orders, I guarantee to you: WE'RE NOT MATCHING AT ALL!! f. Luxury is dispensable! No luxury is worth it to fight for, because it's mostly dispensable! To me: I've renounced of envy, greed and jealousy for already a very long time, because it's not spreading any advantages - for nobody. Okay, I accept a slightly kind of jealousy, BUT if you think that you've to fight against anything and everybody to get whatever somebody else got or what's reachable in a certain circumstances, you won't get my positive attention. [will be continued] (more aspects may follow later on, but for now - Dec 15, 2018 - I'm not sure yet, which one and when)

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