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English Ability


Very Good

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56 Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia
Seeking: Female 18 - 40
English ability: Very Good
Hi alittle am looking woman that i can spend the rest of my life with am committed am not to play games so let me tell you A abaout me like to take a big trip a year, and a few small ones in-between. I love to cook very good and have a bbq on my terrace. I work hard during the week, and play even harder. I am tall and well built and have short dirty black hair ha ha. I am down to earth, Spiritual at heart. I realize how precious and short life is specially after i berried my brother and all got was Ashes made me wonder what’s the point of life when just end up in aches, but thank god slowly am coming out to light i adored my brother dearly. I am very kind and can be a bit goofy at times In the summer I go to the beach and play tennis and train hard, and like to take walks at night.. I . I like my music, special my Latino music love am very partioned about that. Something to pass the time. But what I really like to do is go to the beach, but not where everyone is, but somewhere quiet where I usually think about things or basically what is happening and dream away the day. Its where I find my peace and solace.sometimes go to coffee and sit there and have tea and just watch people walking by while I read my paper lol I really am a ok reader. Actually I'm just a simple person who values best things simple, honesty, trust, humility and a sense of honour. Life is too short to take it so seriously all the time. I like my sports .. indeed any sport. I can play all day no worries am hypo active i have to burn calories. I like going to see some live games because I find it funny how people react in supporting their teams ..I am fun, someone to go watch soccer or UFC combat fighting most my life i have done combat in the ring and i love it but its taken a tall on my body. I love movies,. I also would like the museum here a bit too. No matter be an intrusive body in the markets, i find it interesting that people are trying to unload their garbage to others. I guess one mans trash is another mans treasure. I am a person who appreciates life and have a great sense of humor. I love to laugh and to enjoy the simple things in life. I am a true romantic at heart. I am very positive, spontaneous, warm, witty, well-read, honest, open minded. I am socially conscious, appreciate other Cultures, tolerant, independent, sensitive, sensual, Sexy, adventurous, (especially in the bedroom, hehe), communicative, playful, healthy, can make someone laugh. I want to be with a woman I truly want to touch, kiss, play, and talk with. That connection, that chemistry that pation is so very important I am looking for someone who takes time kissing ;-)I like to be challenged physically and mentally. I hate the phrase "I can't do it".Time is so so precious ... There are so many things to do, so many more goals and achievements I still want to accomplish but unfortunately time is so limited, time also passes by so fast. Sadly, we are forced to choose to allocate our time wisely between the family, work, health (gym time), future goals and just life---we can never have enough time. Time, if used wisely, can be our best friend or worse enemy. I do not look for perfection in a woman because we're all human and I do not expect a woman to seek perfection in me It is always better to talk about disagreements in a calm and rational either partner without losing their character and also there are no perfect human beings in this world, and we've all done things that we need to be forgiven . l will always be ready to forgive, forget and move in a relationship with the love l have for that person.we gain knowledge", i honestly and truly believe that. I have been in some dark places and thank God i came out of it. Things and places i will dare not go to or do again. I am much stronger and more appreciative and understanding of life in its whole. Life is to short to dwell on anything, just enjoy it, embrace it. I am not a confrontational man, i do not like it, it upsets me. But i do realize that everybody is different and everyone will always have different opinions on things. I like to think we are old enough to sit down and come to some sort of compromise and leave it at that. I don't take whatever issues to bed. I do not sleep unless its sorted out, as tomorrow is a new day, new beginning new things to do.. lets move on. Dont ever think ill run away from any thing, i am way bigger than that,i would sit there until we find an answer or sort it out. Thank you for reading my file gracias Marcelo
55 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Seeking: Female 27 - 45
English ability: Very Good
Fun loving, intelligent, easy going, infectious character..... I love the outdoors. My most memorable moments were trekking down the Grand Canyon to see the Colorado River and realising my childhood dream to watch Man Utd play arch rivals Liverpool at Old Trafford in 2013. I have travelled across the US, Europe and Asia. Part of my life was growing up in Bombay and later a couple of years in Shanghai, an 'eye opening' experience, rich in culture, food, architecture and visiting places that only a local can show you. One of my favourite pastimes is searching out new cuisines. Luckily Melbourne offers a myriad of culinary delights from across the world. The only problem, and one I love solving, is finding the place that can serve up the best dishes! I have a passion for slow cooked food. Traditionally, gourmet food was marinated in earthen pots for 4-5 hrs. I've enjoyed cooking different cuisines want to pursue this interest with a slow fire set up in my backyard! I also enjoy baking cakes n muffins; As a person, I'm relaxed and down to earth, call a spade a spade, yet cheeky with a good sense of humour. Whilst the races can be fun to see horses n colour, ... I love the little trips to the country or wineries. I value integrity, honesty and commitment. My work life balance leaves me with ample time and energy to enjoy life's happier pursuits. I enjoy long walks, hitting the beach, or even camping in the country over a warm fire. I love to dance! I think it's in my DNA, I like to salsa, jive and waltz. If you know to dance you'd win me over! Lastly, I am passionate about making things happen. Being positive and optimistic, creating good energy in my life and world around me. If you like adventure and travel, earthy living, and lots of hugs, say hello!



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