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59 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Seeking: Female 18 - 38
I am a successful professional and businessman who enjoys life to the full. I am an adventurous thrill seeker, very intelligent, articulate and well educated. I am very caring, sensitive, totally genuine, emotionally available and mature. I love most of life’s great pleasures and have a very wide range of interests and skills. Thanks for reading my story. Firstly if you have seen my photos, you will have seen that I love car racing. You think , shallow, show off, ego maniac, idiot etc. I am none of those. I just love the challenge and the thrill. I am very intelligent , sensitive and empathetic. I don't know how to give up on a dream, and most of mine have come true. I love to laugh, my whole life involves humor. I can see the funny side of anything even if it is farce. I love to think out of the box, pull unrelated ideas together and have written books. I use these skills in my businesses. I am loyal to a fault, and can see both sides of most things in life. I try to understand complex issues by making them black and white, but know that the world is not like that at all. I over think everything but am saved by my sense of humor. I love thrill seeking but always take calculated risks and back my own judgement, and as you have maybe guessed, have never done this before.You can get what you want in life, but you have to be very determined and never waver or worse yet "give up". Let me show you how. This is my first experience with online dating. I always act on my goals, and I make things happen. I'm not afraid to try anything if it makes sense. If you want a new chapter to open in your life ,you are under 36 yrs old and we click, hold on for the ride of your life. Remember anything is possible, anything, if you want it enough and never ever ever ever give up, anything is possible. We create the world we live in in our heads, and then live in it.You create your own reality. Dream big, email me before the sun goes down.If you cant read messages , email me at evoxrs at mail dot c.o.m I am very real, I am also very good at detecting fakes, and frauds, so please don't bother to try to con me. Actually on second thoughts give it a try, I am happy to take you on. If you can con me you deserve a prize.
40 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Seeking: Female 18 - 29
I'm 40 years old, unattached with no children, muscular, in good shape (I lift weights a lot), and I've been a serial entrepreneur my whole life building a variety of successful businesses. I'm passionate and driven about business, but also about my friends and my hobbies. I spend my spare time training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and teaching Kung Fu (I've been training over 20 years), I meditate every day and I'm interested in improving myself through remaining more present and feeling all the feelings life presents to me. For that reason I've chosen to live my life free from drugs or alcohol. For the most part I read instead of watching TV. I love to cook, and I'm good at it. Over the last few years I've built a business which develops automated high frequency trading strategies on the financial markets, which I find endlessly fascinating. I wake up like a kid on Christmas morning every day to see what the financial markets did while I was sleeping. I have three burmese cats, who sleep with me in a big pile every night. Without meaning this to be as arrogant as it sounds, I am one of life's natural alpha males, a born leader and successful at most things I try. I have enough money that I don't need to work, but money does not define me, and I don't believe that having more of it will make me happier. Beauty is common in my world and I'm looking for a truly exceptional woman, not merely vacuous arm candy. My pet hate is couples who are not present with each other. What I'm interested in is a fun relationship where both parties are willing and open to exploring both emotional and physical intimacy. It goes without saying that my woman will enjoy an exceptional lifestyle and want for nothing.
46 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Seeking: Female 22 - 37
61 Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Seeking: Female 28 - 40
Are you? - a special woman who is looking for a serious relationship, who appreciates to be treated as a lady, who has a loving heart, outgoing and adventurous, yet enjoys the quieter times at home with a partner, likes family participation, and who can express feelings openly. Are you searching for a man, who will treat you like a flower, treated softly and gently always, who will be caring, respectful and appreciative, honest and loyal, yet give you independence when needed. [Laughs] Will still put you over my knee if you are naughty!!!!. I am a man with a big heart who gets pleasure from making my partner happy who will never betray you, who will love you till the end of time, who is a bit crazy, a bit funny, smart and interesting. Oh !!!! You are reading on [Smile] Congratulations you have got this far, this will be your first step to meet a great man…. Me So here is the short version I would be described as a very private person when it comes to discussing myself, because one normally does not have to prove anything. But you are already here, and you deserve to know something. I am well educated, reasonably well travelled, sometimes I chat too much even about my feelings, (feel free to butt in when we meet, or tell me to cork it), I am a good listener, sometimes like a sponge, I will want to know everything about you, but there will be no pressure. Maybe I am considered old fashion in some respects, as I respect traditional ways of how to treat a lady. I am an active, sporty person who likes ocean yacht racing, squash, tennis, swimming, sailing, fishing, love the beach. I enjoy watching sport, lifesaving, triathlons, football, yacht racing, I am not a couch potato though. My interests revolve around the outdoors, so open to camping, driving in the countryside, picnic in the park, walk along the beach. There are so many interesting and exciting things to do in life and I am always open to something new. I am very passionate about my work and my hobby, yet try to lead a balanced lifestyle. For a man, I think that I am a romantic person. Some say I am not serious, this only on outside, as i like to enjoy life, do things new. But, serious family man, who works hard, so that can enjoy more things in life. I am a self-confident, good-humoured, open-minded, easy-going, stable, sincere, independent man with a large active imagination, witty, outgoing, imaginative, spontaneous, fun loving person and a man who makes things happen. I love listening to music and the occasional movie. I do not gamble, or waste money on such things. I have a strong appreciation for beauty and nature. I am after an intelligent woman, which does mean specifically where you got to in your studies, it means that you can openly talk about your feelings and have good conversation. Please, I am not a time waster, respect that of me and I will do the same for you. I am not here to be a pen pal or for just a one off outing, not my goal. So you need to be able to speak English enough for a reasonable conversation, no tattoos or piercings. Ok so you have got this far, now I want to know all about you, drop me a line to see what chemistry we may have between us. Yes if we end up only being friends, then that will be something I will cherish as it is an important part of life. If you have been in true love then you will know what I ultimately search for. It is the feeling in my heart that is the most important thing to me, compatibility, enjoying each other’s company and to see the smile on my partners face at my every glance.



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