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40 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Seeking: Female 19 - 36
Hello I m 32 y matured indian born with an Ausralian broughtup (CITIZEN) guy from Brisbane. I am very proffessional and having a very spritual thinking about life especially about Love. I am career oriented and hardworking man. My belief is 99% words we say never turns in to real than just words remain them selves. For instance, when you say i fall in love with u, honestly i dont trust you coz word fall is negative concept without seeing or smelling each others.To me its same as once you fall from the tree at certain height and you loose your hands or legs even you could get die. I am masters of Electronics and communications engineer from the best uni in Australia ,Queensalnd University. I am working as an Elecrical Engineer with an Australian Government.To reach this level I have been through very hard phases in my life. I am a hardworking trustworthy openminded and bit of religious guy. I am vegetarian and love to prepare different dishes. I m healthy enough as per my age. I spend 1-2 days in my farmas m nature lover to keep my self fit and healthy. I love romatic songs, walking trecking,love to sit and drink at sunset on the beaches.I do meditation everymorning to keep my self mentally calm and focused. I dont intreact with judgemental people coz i belive that everyone have their own point of view to look, live and enjoy life in their own ways. As I am very busy with my 2 jobs and PHD study may not be able to respond you promptly. thanks for your time. best luck in your search
48 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Seeking: Female 25 - 43
44 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Seeking: Female 23 - 39
Looking for a real date with a genuine lady not interested in cyber chat or diverts to links to sex sites etc I work for myself having flexible time to have a balence in life a entp-a personality type trait I enjoy having patience and graditude every day and value having good character to my fellow human being I have a adventurous spirit and child at heart spontaneous and live in the moment , witty not liner thinking or a planner. Not one too have affimations or vision boards nor connect emotional ties to anything or every thing dont need that when your creative minded being dyslexic / right hemisphere i take my RIB ( boat ) out teaching fre dive and spearfishing /casual dive. or fishing just love getting out in that open space away from the grid. Intellectual fitness is important as health and fitness ive always been fit and healthy enjoy cooking quality food as ive been brought up in a catering family I dont lock myself in outcomes, expectations or ideals. as i see it as a trap not to be living in all posibilities of life that comes to you. What ever is meant to be it will happen we wern't created to control every situation in life. Looking for companionship and chemisty A partner that would appreciate a man with knowledge and wisdom as iam not one to be fooled by social engineering constructs and distractions as its an insult to humanitys intellectual capacity. i value self preservation and dont need to impress humans i dont even know on social media or engage is a waist of precious time to get out there and experience life. i dont subject myself to watching mainstream media nor follow sport, game shows or celebrities as i believe in creating your own legacy Looking for fun loving natural , positive energy lady to be around TURN OFFS sorry but needs a mention these days unfortunately Being in a state of solipsism due to thier ignorance. People who complain and sweats over the small stuff .. as i appreciate life that has been given too me. People who dont make mutual time for each other . I wish you well in finding your alignment and being on the path of universal wisdom of this journey we call life with someone special to share it with..
61 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Seeking: Female 28 - 47
I am a confident, mature, passionate man. I prefer to be at home rather than the noisy pub scene. Have been told that I am a workaholic but all I need is a sexy passionate woman waiting for me and work can wait. I am genuine and caring and love to spoil my loved ones. I dislike people who are arrogant and critical and life is too short to be arguing with loved ones. I like to kiss and cuddle a lot and am very passionate so if you are not a romantic sensual affectionate woman, please pass me by. I am not a sporty man but I love to fish. I enjoy going to the movies and watching Hunger Games and any Sci Fi movie but also love Pretty Woman. Sorry but cant stand real life movies where a box of tissues are required, however I will go if I am asked. I love to cook and will spoil my woman with beautiful meals. I like to give relaxing massage to my loved ones. My local church plays a significant part in my life and am very involved. I am searching for a special woman who wants to feel special and be loved. Someone who wants a strong man by her side to compliment her. I am not looking for a woman who is needy or requires a text message response every hour. Personal Hygiene is a must have and ladies if you have hairy legs and arm pits, please find someone else. These things and BO is a deal breaker for me. Hey, I'm actually wanting to find a woman who is happy being a lady and wants a happy contented life. I'm looking for a woman who wants to be loved, pampered, protected and encouraged to be the best woman she was created to be. I am looking for my Wife!
40 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Seeking: Female 18 - 29
I'm 40 years old, unattached with no children, muscular, in good shape (I lift weights a lot), and I've been a serial entrepreneur my whole life building a variety of successful businesses. I'm passionate and driven about business, but also about my friends and my hobbies. I spend my spare time training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and teaching Kung Fu (I've been training over 20 years), I meditate every day and I'm interested in improving myself through remaining more present and feeling all the feelings life presents to me. For that reason I've chosen to live my life free from drugs or alcohol. For the most part I read instead of watching TV. I love to cook, and I'm good at it. Over the last few years I've built a business which develops automated high frequency trading strategies on the financial markets, which I find endlessly fascinating. I wake up like a kid on Christmas morning every day to see what the financial markets did while I was sleeping. I have three burmese cats, who sleep with me in a big pile every night. Without meaning this to be as arrogant as it sounds, I am one of life's natural alpha males, a born leader and successful at most things I try. I have enough money that I don't need to work, but money does not define me, and I don't believe that having more of it will make me happier. Beauty is common in my world and I'm looking for a truly exceptional woman, not merely vacuous arm candy. My pet hate is couples who are not present with each other. What I'm interested in is a fun relationship where both parties are willing and open to exploring both emotional and physical intimacy. It goes without saying that my woman will enjoy an exceptional lifestyle and want for nothing.



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