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42 Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Seeking: Female 20 - 30
36 Rotherham, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Seeking: Female 18 - 35
i am a genuine person looking for a genuine woman. I am in the army and have done ten years now Yes I do drive a car and I love to have fun and enjoy my self yes I do know how to be a gentleman as manors cost nothing people tend to for get this sometimes. I have a dragon tattoo on the top of my lefted arm got to say not the best looking one but was helping a friend out when he need people to practice on people yes yes it's real and not as bad as you think but that's what a true friend does for a good friend helps them out in there time of need. I am a very chatty person and yes will talk to any one. I do my best to get on with most people in life but there is just some people who just will never like you think that's just a fact of life. I can be quite random at times jump from subject to subject but I think it keeps thing fresh for you. Yes I do drink but not very often these days as there better things to do in life and just get drunk and that I am a light Wight. i am a very fun guy to be around and love to have a good laugh and joke I call this banter. I am a very easy person to chat too and i am very layed back and chilled out too much for my own good sometimes.  I am a active person and liked to be doing something and not sat around. But I can stay in watch a good film if needed. A few of my hobbies go-karting, swimming, eaten out, nights out and eaten out. sports I like:- motor sports, rugby, squash, cooking, winter sports. anything else you liked to know justed message me I am easy to talk too.?? I don't bite!!! :-)
53 Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Seeking: Female 21 - 32
My little boy tells me that I'm good looking, so that will do for me. However he also thinks that I would make a good Prime Minister, could fight Tyson, outwit Stephen Fry & outplay Ronaldo too!! I'd say my best feature is my blue eyes and my caring personality. I probably need to shave more, but apart from that I'm house trained and very clean. I've worked for the same National company for over 23 years. I'm currently in a very stressful role as a Manager to 90 staff. Right my hobbies. Sport, mainly football & skiing. I've not been skiing for ten years though. I used to go every year, but not had the chance over the last few years. Can't wait to get back on those slopes. I like music and enjoy live gigs, the last few have been Lily Allen, Elbow, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. Got tickets to see Richard Hawley at the Sheffield Lyceum. I'm also mad on movies, especially Foreign film like City Of God, Amelie & Life Is Beautiful. I enjoy eating out and a few quiet drinks with people I care about. I like walking in the woods and love long drives. I want someone to smile and laugh with and have long late night chats over a bottle of wine & nibbles. I have been told that I'm good looking by other people too (my boy is just biased, perhaps other people are just being polite!!), I can't see it myself. I've always been a very confident person in all walks of life, but never about my looks. I have black hair, with grey (I have dyed it in the past!!!), blue eyes and I have a slim body. I Have always been fit, but have been a bit frustrated with a back injury of late, which has stopped me playing football. I love film (Kes, Billy Liar, Kellys Heroes, Tarantino, foreign film). I love going to gigs and the theatre. My favourite music is Alternative Rock (The Smiths, R.E.M., Billy Bragg, Elbow etc). I like to read, but mainly on holiday (Iain Banks, Dan Brown, Peter robinson). At home I tend to stick to magazines (Empire, Uncut & Q).
68 Doncaster, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Seeking: Female 25 - 45
Firstly, I am nearly six feet tall and weigh 110 kilos. I have brown eyes and dark hair and like to smile a lot, some people say that I have an Italian/Greek look about me as I’m dark skinned, also I have a good sense of humour and enjoy living life to the full. My main interests are eating out in restaurants, especially oriental, and exploring the different aspects of foreign food. I'm also into diving which I learned when I was with the Army in Belize, Central America, I've also dived in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Cyprus, but still prefer the Caribbean. My ambition is to dive in the Red Sea off the coast Israel. Apart from diving my other interests include going to Athletics, and watching all kinds of sports on TV. I love the cinema and have a collection of films on videotape. I also enjoy music, pubs, and having a good time. Most weekends I'm off round the countryside seeing all my ex army friends and having a good time. I came out of the Forces a quite a few years ago, but for several years I worked for the British Army and have travelled all over the world visiting Canada, North America, Mexico, Belize, Cyprus, Iceland, Germany, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Yugoslavia, Italy, Austria, France, Newfoundland, Kuwait and Iraq. Since I’ve been out of the Forces I’ve been lucky enough to be able to travel to the Far East many times and made some good friends out there. I feel that romance is important and I enjoy sharing romantic candlelight dinners and sending flowers. I have my own house and have been lucky enough at work to save enough money to retire early so don’t have to work anymore I'm just trying to think what else I can tell you about myself; I have never been married mind you I've been close but not actually married. Well I hope this has given you some idea of the sort of person I am so that's all for now and I hope to hear from you soon. PS I’m a non smoker John XXX
56 Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Seeking: Female 28 - 45
Please note if I will be responding to messages in the next few weeks when I will upgrade my membership. I am busy with other things at the moment but I will respond....Please contact me through that if possible. If I don't immediately respond it will probably because of the time difference or I am at work.. Please don't think me rude if there is a delay. If you could include photographs that would be great x I have many interests from current affairs, politics, the environment and am also a keep animal lover, hate cruelty to them...:( Don't eat much meat, but not total veggie...Ooooo don't mind a bit of experimental cooking...Had the odd distater, but I still ate it! lol I like - Music, Gym, Swimming, cycling - enjoy none fiction reading, most of which is done on the internet. Hardly watch TV but enjoy comedy and documentaries. I enjoy going to the cinema though and theatre, I love musicals, but haven't got anyone to go with of late....I fear I'm getting a little camp in my old age...:) I also quite just chilling out at home, doing nothing means a lot to me!...I've done a bit of horse riding in the past and am up for that again... Not much of a clubber these days, so party girls, dance on by... Oh, as long as you know how to love, I know you'll stay alive you've got all your life to live, I've got all my love to give And I'll survive, I will survive, hey, hey Mind that handbag on the floor as you twirl past though...:) I'm a social drinker, was a bit of a party animal in the past, been there done that... I only smoke when I'm on fire but am not bothered if someone else does. I had a stressful job in the past but these days have a nice easy carry on, so if you're looking for ambition, drive and a go getter. Please go get him somewhere else... I'm not moody, I'm even tempered and considerate to others. I respect people for what they are, and how they treat me... I've no time for hate or bad feelings...Life's too short... I have difficulty taking life seriously, I can laugh at myself, and laugh at you, so a sense of humour is a must... I'm not a player, although I've circled the block a few times and have had my moments...but now I'm a one woman man...I'm not in this for a one nighter or to deceive and hurt anyone..That's just plain nasty Right, that's enough for now, if you need more info please ask, if you've decided to not get in touch, then good luck elsewhere. There's somebody for everyone. They sometimes need routing out though.. I'm quite happy at the mo, and being single has its benefits.... I'm independent and not needy or clingy, although I'm loyal and affectionate. Bit like a puppy dog really, only I don't leave surprises on the carpet, well not anymore anyway... If you want to know more please ask.....If you contact me and I don't respond please don't be offended, we're just not made for each other. I'm sure you don't want patronising and to receive lame excuses or to string you along and then disappear... One last thing I would prefer to meet early on...I don't like all this emailing back and forward for weeks...The only way to find out if we're compatible is to meet... Just half an hour in a public place then we'll go on our way and get back to each other when we've had a think...There'll be no pressure..Right, bye for now....xx Ooooo one more thing. Two of my photos are not recent. The one with sun glasses is from Lake Como, last year, so I'm pretty much like that now.
32 Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Seeking: Female 20 - 34
49 Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Seeking: Female 26 - 44



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