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Occasionally Smoke

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49 Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 18 - 32
Smoke: Occasionally smoke
37 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Seeking: Female 20 - 35
Smoke: Occasionally smoke
58 Cochrane, Alberta, Canada
Seeking: Female 20 - 35
Smoke: Occasionally smoke
(-: I was born in Comox, Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada (Gods Country). At the age of 2 My Dad being Military, we moved to Germany where as a Child I had the greatest time. I loved Germany. The German people are all about children, they just love Kids. At the age of 9 we moved back to Canada. We moved to the other side of Canada from where I was born to Kingston Nova Scotia East Coast. The biggest Ocean tides in the World are there. 50+ feet high. It was also beautiful there. I had a hard time there though from other Kids as I was mostly German and didn’t know much English. at School. I learned very fast how to fight and turned out to be a very good fighter. My Parents put me in Martial Arts to control me. Received my black belt at the age of 16 and that is when I started really learning. I perfected my own style of Martial Arts witch I named “RODCANDO”. (-: it’s very good art but it’s just for me AS I AM THE ONLY ONE THAT KNOWS IT. I work in Afghanistan and I am a Chef Manager. I work in a Military Dinning facility which we serve 14,000 meals a day. I have around 200 staff working for me at any given time here. I am from Canada but I don’t really live anywhere as I work as an x pat and there has been no reason to have a home because I am never at home. I have always gone here or there touring the World on my time off from work. Now I am looking to make Thailand a home for many reasons one being the weather, the prices and the closeness of it from Afghanistan. I think Thai women are very beautiful not only in looks but in personality and am hoping to find a Thai girl to join my life with me in Thailand. I love kids so that is not out of the question should we decide to have one or two. I am still young and want to work away from this new home and life until I have enough money for a business in which at that time I would not have to leave Thailand and my new home. My wife to be will be able to either work or stay at home maybe I buy her a little  of her own to give her something to do and take pride at it. I would do that for her as I will do anything with in my power to make her happy. I have a big heart and I am a romantic, I like to stay around home when I am there. Yes I will have my cold beer in the fridge as I work hard for it and can’t have it when I am working so I look forward to that as well. I like my girl to be hot, very pretty and very sexy and want to walk down the road and say ya she is mine and with me... I like the Ocean so I would want to live close to it if not a beach front home which I will try and buy. I also want a live aboard boat for weekend crusing and touring the Islands and just having fun fishing, diving and whatever I just love that stuff. I have been many places around the World and done what I wanted to do up to this point. I have not grown up until lately I have had much fun and seen things and done things that most people never get to see or do and I would do it all over again. I have learned allot and the time has come to look at settling down and planting seed as they say. It’s time to go home. where ever that home is? Right now I am just looking for it. I would be very happy if maybe you could help me with that Honey... Just take my hand and take me home please, just take me home. I like to cook, work out, travel of course, and love water being rivers, lakes or Ocean. Love nature and old cultures. Like things simple not complicated, love hugs and making some people happy... Ones that I love that is. I love flying in small Aircraft or Helicopters’ doing aerobatics and stunts. Love wild life, my favourite is the Alaskan Brown bear the boss. Love to paint things and take things a part but not much good at putting them back together again as sometimes there are remaining parts left over and the thing never works again but it’s clean and looks new. That’s important is it not?? Ha ha. Love Camping and sitting around a camp fire, love walking in the woods and on the beach. Love going places where no one is around for miles. I’m very good at surviving and turning nothing into something of use. Can be very comical when I want to be and make people laugh for hours. I would like to write my book sometime (Fiction I have a great imagination) and been saving the writing of it until I have the time and place where I can give 100% of my time and concentration. Hoping that I make some money off it then I will write the next one I have planned. This will be my new hobby once I get to that comfortable place with my life. Would you like to be with me and take me home? 
54 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Seeking: Female 18 - 40
Smoke: Occasionally smoke
I'm 5' 11" and have been compared to a biker, a lumberjack and a cute teddy bear. I'm not fat per say, but have a large bone layout with huge shoulders, which fits the lumberjack type. I'm also a single father of three children. I'm not into head games, nor one night stands. I love playing video games, cuddling, watching movies and just spending time with that right person. I am very loyal, caring and would treat that special someone they way they should be treated, with love and devotion. I'm open minded and believe communication is the key to a long lasting relationship. I also believe your soul mate has to be your best friend, one to fall back on for help and support and the same back from them. I might not be a 10 in the looks department, but I'm a 11 inside when it comes to treating that special someone the way they should be. Do you like love letters for no reason? Flowers sent to your work? Cuddles, hugs and affection? Well I'm that romantic type of person. I'm a very trusting guy and it would take a lot for me not to trust the one I love. I would treat my special someone like a princess and would expect the same back. If I sound too good to be true, well I'm not. What you are reading about me is true, and that special someone, if out there, will see that. I am who I am and not like most guys out there. I know how to treat someone right and not take them for granted. I might not be rich in money but I'm rich in the love I have to share with that special someone. I'm not in the going out and swinging at the bar type of thing, been there, done that. Though I have no problem with a mate who loves going out with friends to party. Never know, I might just join ya.
49 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Seeking: Female 20 - 45
Smoke: Occasionally smoke
I will wait for a girl who calls me handsome instead of hot, who will stay awake just to watch me sleep, who isn't afraid to show me she loves me! I will wait for the girl who kisses my forehead, who wants to show me off to the world when I'm in my sweats, who holds my hands in front of her friends. I will wait for the one who is constantly reminding me of how much she cares about me and treat me like I deserve to be treated! I will wait for the one who turns to her friends and say, "That's him" That's what a girl wants! and in return I will do the same for her. I love to kiss, cuddle & sleep all wrapped up in you. At least for the first bit then get to your own side LOL! I can also be sarcastic but always meant in a playful way. I hate to argue most of all. I'm not high maintenance & I'm not looking for someone to take care of me. I love to wear jeans and polo tops or a nice pair of pants with a nice shirt. I do drink socially so if you're a health nut, I'm certainly not the one for you. I'm certainly not lazy, do like to keep busy and take care of myself by working out but I'm not about to spend everyday of my life doing so.. lol.. I do like my medium rare steak also. I would like someone to hang with, enjoy some fun and special time with for now. Then fall into mad passionate love & live happily ever after. I don't play games and I seriously miss a partner in my life. I live life and love with all I have in me. If you're looking for the same then drop me a line. Most importantly make sure you're serious, emotionally stable, know what you want and have the time to devote to a relationship because I do. Chemistry, personality and attraction are a necessities!
53 Quebec, Quebec, Canada
Seeking: Female 22 - 45
Smoke: Occasionally smoke
Welcome à my profiles - Sawadee krup

It was my first time in Thailand goal not the last. I left Thailand now - goal leaves of me will be there for long - i had great vacations - i was in Bangkok april 24 - à may 1ST (Sukhumvit) - then Pattaya - then Rayong - then Patthalung (long way) - then Koh Samui for 12 days before take my flight back à Canada - i've meet so much nice persons during this vacation. I've been bite by has snake - i had has motorbike accident goal i'm still alive LOL.

I'll return in thailand have soon have i can - maybe october - november - december now early in 2010.

I I wish à learn thai language (born noi) - so if you want à join me and be my guides in your country for my future vacations - i'll be happy à meet you. I want à have contact in many place in Thailand

Read carefully. Ii i's easy à contact me; -) - continues à write i like à read from you. New add pictures - please! I want has real women not has too young now has thai bar girl. I wish à itself you so much. I wish you à be with me so much. I wish à itself your town. You are so beautiful and so kind à me don't you worry. It i's now easier à get intouch with me. U might want à contact me -Dee mark, krup itself you for my next vacations easy going - i am - very friendly and funny my favorite places in the world i's now Thailand you've done right à contact me i'll wait until we get intouch (easy) directly have soon have we can now try à find other ways.

You have the privilege à write à me so wears it - don't be shy and write about you. Does i also plan à go à Laos maybe Cambodgia now Vietnam - do you have have passport? Next time i want à go north - Chang May - Chang Ray - Issan - Udon - Roiet - and other parts of the country. ..JJuta Any other suggestions?

I'm kind, romantic, honest, positive, funny and really easy going. Everyday i's has beautiful day - say it loud!

Imus-sua and... xxx - take for - Ra warng