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72 Neuilly-sur-Seine, Île-de-France, France
Seeking: Female 24 - 45
English ability: None
THANK YOU to all who comply to understand that at my age, I do not want to play dad and even less at Papy.Women without child: Welcome.fort for other good luck and lots of success. Thank you to all those who write to me to understand that at my age, I want neither to play in AHS and still less to grandpa. Women without children: Welcome. For the other good luck and much success. How can I present myself to thee!!!simply, to tell you that I am an ordinary man...in search of an extraordinary woman!!! But if thou also, Thou art a regular woman in search of an extraordinary man...sends a message....you never know!!!  I have 70 years (I'm barely!!!....)  I love life (she loves me too!!..)  I like the travel (and what they bring me!!!..)  I love the children (I am surrounded!!...)  I love the tenderness (a smile...a gesture...the hugs, before and after the love!!..)  I am determined (our barriers are those we impose on ourselves!!..)  I am franc (necessarily...I blushed when I mens!!!...)  I am simple (but not of mind!!..)  I am gentle (although....there is always 3 or 4 days each month where........)  I love love (the live and do.....)  I search a friend before any (which could become a love...not above nor Below me...otherwise than in a bed!!!)  I hate the shadow, hypocrisy, mediocrity, the jealousy, the meanness, racism, intolerance, the lack of respect, the Lie and The Grudge!!!  I am autonomous....  I am....imperfect  I am....faithful  I am.....FREE  I am.....  Thou …am????
41 Châlons-en-Champagne, Grand Est, France
Seeking: Female 25 - 40
English ability: None
Hello to all, I will reveal here in a manner the most simple and the most understandable as possible a little bit of my history, this hast taken time but I share this last gladly for me to describe and do understand that to be the elected of my heart and my life a sincere relationship with a willingness to more focus toward Islam inşallah. Launch us with a bit of stalking and enthusiasm all the same: I am born of a Muslim family from Turkey but in France, we have our customs and traditions. I loved some of my long holiday in my village native especially when I was 10 years old, I lived entire weeks with a friend in his daily life in the company of his faithful dog Ali. The discovery of this mode of life I liked for its simplicity to live happy in the discoveries of adventures all too exciting the some that the others as for example take a fairly large herds of cows through the valleys and the forest paths in the direction of the high plateaus crossing sometimes small rivers or we pause to take advantage of this corner of paradise. My mom has high four girls and two boys any single since my age of 2 years because my dad (peace and blessings of God be upon him) left us. Mother told me that I have already said that Allah call to him those he loves because more grand is our love for God more quickly we are rewarded by his mercy to go to Paradise and the closest to him (too 😥 moving. To share its values and beliefs Annem (MOM) have been married to a single person until now since its age of 26 years . I let go my education and Islamic education that my mom has to try to perpetuate, I door this remembrance that it must catch up to our bad actions. She married four of his children but for me is was not a success, I thank Allah for having to give life to my two small daughter of nine/five years. I am divorced since May 2018, now income since a month (05/19)with the person who has always been there for me as well as my little sister and I track it as a reward of Our Lord Almighty Allah ( Amin ). I will not detailed this but we have inherited from a hygiene of life on the maintenance of the home to be clean to the point that I had forgotten so it goes far. Brief currently i gives me all of these emotions with serenity, I thoughtful for days in days to my future, my passions, my dreams in the certainty because my heart to always been supported by Allah (Amin). I became aware yesterday that my days here are as a taste of paradise, I not currently not working because I seeks to understand and analyze all these events to a new departure in the right track. I will stop here because it would take a whole book dedicate to my existence, I reserve the rest for the elected of my heart. Dedicated to my girlfriend who reads this with all my sincerity and to the pleasure of the found here inşallah. I leave you an idea of my life which was enriching rate sport, one of my hobbies is the gym/bodybuilding which is a mode of life with whole share, I am guided by what I think with the SMILE 😊😊. I do account finally my training of sports coach to evolve toward…...



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