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62 Hilo, Hawaii, United States
Seeking: Female 40 - 60
My neighbor teases me that I’m going to spend the month of September in “Jailand” because I’m always talking about what a wonderful place Thailand is. I’ve been here to Thailand at least thirty times and have spent a total of a few years here. Am divorced from my Thai wife for 8 years, we are still friends. Some things about me: I have an adventurous spirit, love to sing and dance, play music and am always learning. Romantic. I build and create. Have been told that I’m kinda’ talkative but I’m also working on being listenative, lol. Like to make jokes and play around. Believe that we are constantly expanding and I’m enjoying who I am becoming. Am a natural born problem-solver, always trying to make things simpler, kinder, more peaceful. Every morning and evening I ride my bicycle around the property while the dog chases and barks, we have a great time. My inner child is still alive. My religion is kindness. I see relationships as spiritual. Am looking for connection with a woman (physical connection of course but more than that). I would like to treat my woman as the divine being that she is. In reality I believe that I’m a year away from retirement, and am looking forward to spending my retirement in Thailand (Jailand). Looking forward to a simple life including nature, plants and animals; a mostly stay-at-home lifestyle but still looking for some adventure. Enjoy healthy lifestyles. Would like to be in a relationship with a woman where we are both energized, really feel the connection and with mutual respect. I’m not looking for anyone to complete me, I just want to share my life. We will share our dreams together.
58 Hilo, Hawaii, United States
Seeking: Female 27 - 38
Aloha, First, I am not a paying member on this site. If you read my profile and are serious interest, you must contact me. This way I will have idea you are serious and not scammer. You are the one woman for me if you can only live simple spiritual life. If you like nature and organic farming and do not want to work work work whole life to enjoy and have good life, then it may be worth your investment to contact me as I will accept any such contact seriously and give only all of my true self in response. Maholo and Blessings, always. I am Akamai and I live Hawai'i. I live simple spiritual rural organic farming life style. I have been working to make improvements to current organic farming methods; I am seeking a partner and wife to bring these improved organic farming methods into small scale commercial production. These new methods are not hurt back and easy to use and much better for ecology and simple and economical. I work on many projects related to permaculture and sustainablility. I am also interested in education, the science of thought and learning. There are no boxes that you can ;really put me in or labels which you can stick to me. I have good mind and I have good hands. I am kind, but NOT weak. I am mature man with much experinece; and no problem to take care of good wife and children. I believe that it takes both parents to share and cooperate to create home with balances energies ( strong and kind and vibrant ). with each other to make good home and provide happy, healthy atmosphere for children to grow up right way. I am Akamai and I live Hawai'i. Akamai is like clever in good ways and not for foxy. I am mature man moved to Hawai'i about a decade ago from USA mainland. Have some background in chi gung, tai chi and mindfulness meditation as well as Amitabah Buddhist teachings and practices ( as well as all simillar spiritual practices world wide. ). Former scientist, engineer and inventor; now work to improve organic farming practices, permaculture, meditation, education and ten thousand other topics of interest. you will never be bored to talk with me; about most any subject. I am very much interested in pacific island cultures and all cultures of asia and southeast asia, especially when in close proximity to global waters and/or mountains. ALL social practices, especially folklore and mythology, be it local or more regional or even tribal; I am your avid listener and be for warned I will ask the real questions about your talk story. Also, I find women in thailand to be blessed by nature to be so very nice and beautiful. I can not help to say this as it is true chemistry. This maybe causes some problem as women can be not only beautiful but intelligent also. Most men look mostly for how the woman looks and not so much how and what she really thinks and feels. I am looking for this woman who really is good person and really wants to share her thoughts and feelings. If you are too very much attractive, this focus mens attentions on you constantly ( and causes you do misdirect your attentions away from real life ). If you need this kind of attention from men all the time, then maybe you are not good woman for me. I can give you all the attention you want, and you do not have to dress up to get it ( or put on any makeup which is unhealthy or wear clothes and shoes which are not comfortable and safe. So, ALOHA; greetings from Big Island, Hawaii. If you have not already guessed, I am an eclectic individual and a challenging individual and student. If you do not like being challenged by your friends (mate) then you probably do not resonate with me even though you may resonate very much with some of my interests and philosophies. Spiritual Foundation The Four Agreements is a valuable starting point and basis for a solid spiritual foundation. If you are not familiar with them, please do not go on if or until you can accept these precepts. If you have other spiritual practices also, this is great provided they include these precepts. "The Four Agreements 1. Be impeccable with your word. 2. Don’t take anything personally. 3. Don’t make assumptions. 4. Always do your best. While you are at it, check out the seven deady spiritual sins also. Maybe not tell truth to others, but please do not lie to self. Life is Bliss, attachment to life is Misery. It is not the words that one becomes attached to, but rather the precepts that one practices ( puts into action ) which reveals and realizes the true benefits of such precepts and practices. Sharing is not just your piece of the cake, true kindness does not come from weaknes and true understanding is a dynamic, live and vital state of being. I find that Mindfulness and Balance(ing) are also essential practices for most human (non-ascended masters ) spiritual and meditation practices. It is the spiritual fruit that one cultivates and is able to enjoy which is, how do they say, ...priceless. War and Peace Fear + agression = war. Peace in not simply the absence of war. It requires cooperation over competition and loving kindness over hatred and bitterness. The real battle is inside the individual; fearlessness over fearfulness brings knowingness over indecision. Each moment presents new gifts; how can we receive them when we are in conflict or actively fighting with ourselves. And what does this say about how we regard and treat others? "and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more". In the interest of more clarity, I will tell you about some of my thoughts regarding some universally known "sayings" which are supposed to be endowed with some kine wisdom. Glass half empty or Glass half full: This notion is very similar to the illusions of cognitive dissonance. If the glass has water in it at any given moment does not really tell me that much. How old is the water? What kine water is it? How did it get there? My point being how does one fill the glass? How often does one drink of the water? What is the quality of the water (not just the quantity of water consumed)? Does one sip the water ( or gulp it?) Or are you so Narcissistic that you will not touch the glass and only sit and star at It? Up to you! All of these things are more significant to me than how much water is in the glass at any given moment. And cognitive dissonance regarding a glass of water that is both half full and half empty would have me simply staring at this glass and water a do nothing because I am torn between needing to fill the glass and wanting to empty it. And it would have you believe that the glass is either half full or half empty but not both. This is yet another the total failure of exclusionary logic, exclusionary thinking and another example of how not only useless dissonance theory is but also how detrimental it is to a successful outcomes regarding the combined efforts of our thoughts and actions. Teach a Man to Fish One must eat the fish that one teaches and encourages others to catch. One must cultivate and eat the fruit which one teaches and encourages others to cultivate. Also, teaching is a spiritual endeavor, regardless of the subject. This is one of the reasons I believe that modern approach to education is not so successful. Spirituality ( not religion ) is an essential element of the world and all that is in it. It is only an individual who can (attempt to) isolate themselves from the spiritual element out of doubt and/or fear. When a group of individuals collude to do this they assign the spiritual element to religion (and/or church) and then say that there must be a separation of church and state. May be so, but I am not fooled by this in that there is a strong spiritual element in all true learning and teaching and it has little if anything to do with church. When I encounter teachings which are disconnected from the spiritual element I can only question the motivation of such a teaching ( and look in wonderment at devout followers of such practices be they religious or ideological ). Why plant fruit one has no intentions of taking care of and harvesting and eating? Money is no good answer; at least not for me any more. This innovative organic farming practice can be used to augment any existing practice; conserves nitrogen; severly reduced atmospheric ammonia ( and possibly 2.5 particulare areosols associated with atmospheric ammonica, G8 and G20 solutions for real ) and is 100% organic and very economical on scalable to any size system from small lanai to medium and large size farm ( really designed for family farm ). Long term goals include: combined TCM, western and natural healing clinics and centers for all healing practices ancient and modern; This includes advanced dental clinics and necessary reconstructive and plastic surgery, burn victims, accident and trauma victims, etc. etc. etc.. Also, community outreach and donations of organic produce to churches and food banks. also design and implementation of temporary eco savy housing for disaster victims and homeless. Also meditation centers for all true practices to come and stay and share knowledge and the abudance of true organic farming practice in true partnership with both nature and man. Also, any teacher or teaching which requires that teacher and student can not sit at table eyes to eyes is with out a doubt suspect. True spiritual teachings and true spiritual practices are free from the enslavement of both government and religion. Also, true spiritual practices bear true fruit which is both nourishing and satisfies human spirit like no other form of acknowledment or certificate of achievement, award, nobel prize, whatever. Once one tastes this kind of fruit, many questions in life become answers. Labels are seen for just that labels. For example, if I am a true farmer, do I have to wear label which says "farmer". No, people will know I am good farmer when they taste what I produce as a farmer. I have chickens and I give them the best diet; even grow sprouts for them. They give me the best eggs and the best fertilizer; all organic and non-GMO. And, of course, reserach and development of organic and sustainable practices which are very useful and appropriate for emergency situations. High quality water from gravity fed, portable systems, small scale solar and wind systems. Also, innovative educational systems and approches to education and the science of thought in general. exclusionary logic and cognitive dissonance are extermely flawed as to be detrimental and create, yes wars on this planet. Easy to fix thest abherations in human development; it is simple only takes open mind ( works like parachute ). Food, farming, education, learning, research, exercise, meditation are all activities which help balance my life in a integrated work/play context. Although these practices might seem mundane to one that requires the excitement of a world exploration, I assure you that they are very much interesting and exciting for me and the ideal of world exploration seems like a diversion at this point which would keep me from my real life and work. Germinated seeds, sprouts and raw foods. Part of honoring the food that we eat includes proper preparation. Germinated seeds and grains show much potential for improving the useful nutrition from these plant products vs. making flour. Seeds and grains have growth inhibitors which prevent the seed from growing immediately. Soaking and rinsing with water will wash out this inhibitor and the seed will begin to grow (germination). Seeds, grains and legumes which have been germinated (0-2days max) also have other things like lectins, oxalates, and similar compounds which can be neutralized and rinsed out by boiling in water for 5-10 minutes and then rinsed with fresh water. I recommend that germinated seeds and grains be prepared this way before consuming or further cooking, (like adding to salads, sauces or vegi burgers, for example). I usually cook potatoes and germinated grain and seeds together by slicing the potato. I change the water after about five minutes and poor off the water when the potato is cooked. The grain is about 1.5-2.0 days after soak. Drain well and allow some of the moisture to evaporate. Drizzle with olive oil (or butter) and sea salt, then mash together (yummy). Don't over cook the potato as this raises the glycemic index. I Seek a partner interested in organic agriculture, permaculture, sustainablility and energy efficient, green homes and buildings, alternative medicine, healing centers, educational foundations and spiritual teaching centers. Organic farming is number one. Must share the awesomeness of watching healthy plants grow and produce sustenance. I am looking for real woman for conversations and negotiations for relationship leading to marriage. There are real difficulties which people from different countries and cultures must overcome to make real life together. Big attractors for me if you like organic food, healthy lifestyle, know what dharma is ( and practice on a daily basis ), know what noble eight fold path is, have good teachers, know what spiritual life is ( not so much concerned about money and materialism). want a good life, want to have children. big detractors are tobacco use, married or separated, part time children ( no problem for to have children, only part time to Hawaii is not ), cats ( sorry, I get allergy ).
70 Hilo, Hawaii, United States
Seeking: Female 31 - 51
43 Hilo, Hawaii, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 19
49 Hilo, Hawaii, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 35
72 Hilo, Hawaii, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 30
36 Hilo, Hawaii, United States
Seeking: Female 21 - 30
71 Hilo, Hawaii, United States
Seeking: Female 32 - 52
65 Hilo, Hawaii, United States
Seeking: Female 29 - 55



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