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53 Ashland, Kentucky, United States
Seeking: Female 24 - 41
I have been here before. I keep coming back, and I keep getting my heart broken, nobody's fault but my own. Doesn't make me look too great, does it? Anyway, maybe what I should do is just relax and let it happen. I am really relaxed and laid back, but I work hard in a relationship, and I am a very dedicated, loyal person. That has earned me some heartbreak in the past, but it hasn't changed that facet of my personalty. I have learned that there are a lot of people in the world who just need to get over themselves. By that I mean some people I have dealt with, or been in relationships with seem to think that their pain, their burdens, their hurt is unique. Well, the hard truth is they have the same problems as everyone else, and they are not any better at dealing with those problems than anyone else. As my mother taught all six of us children whom she raised by herself: "You ain't better than nobody, and ain't nobody better than you." I believe that the average human being is at his or best when that person is doing something that helps another person carry that burden. To me, that's what a relationship is about: Making each day a little better, a little easier, a little more humorous. It's not about some moonbeam and unicorn vision of love, but an enduring, tangible feeling that there is someone in the world who will always choose you. Doesn't matter of you are in a bad mood, or you left the cap off the toothpaste, or you bought the wrong brand of chips at the store: At the end of the day, they are with you. The moonbeam and unicorn love is a feeling, and a great one, and it is undeniably real. Thing is, real love is not for the faint of heart. It is the commitment that endures, in the face of the flawed humanity of your partner. His feet might stink, or she might snore, or whatever: He washes his feet and she reminds him to do so, she tries to sleep on her side, and he buys earplugs. We accept our partners, and in doing so we accept who WE are: then and only then can we say honestly that we have experienced love, giving and receiving. Me: I am not a perfect man, and by my own lights not even a special man. I am an honest man, and a loyal one, and I strive every day to do right, and to make the way easier for those I love. I am flawed, and I make mistakes, but I am always there for my partner. I love new experiences, and I love home. I like nature, and reading, and all types of music. I have never cheated on my mate, and never will. I laugh at anything and everything, and I realize that is a defense mechanism. I love romantic gestures, both grand and miniscule. I love children. I raised my daughters on my own, and children seem to like me. I love learning, I love to tinker and figure things out. Some of my bad habits include the fact that I am sometimes impatient, I tend to clam up when my feelings are hurt, I am sometimes too judgmental.... There are more, just can't think of them right now. I always try to be honorable, I try to do the right thing. Like you, like every human, I fall short of that more than I care to admit. I am honest about my feelings, probably too honest. You: I am attracted to intelligence and humor. I like a women who have their own personalities, their own opinions. I am not looking to "complete" anyone. If you are incomplete, why would anyone want to be in a relationship with you? Would you buy a car that was not complete? I am complete, thank you. I would like a woman who compliments me, makes me a better man, and hope I could render the same service for her. I do not have a "type," when it comes to looks. Again, intelligence and humor, a flexible mind, a strong personality are all attractive traits. Some people are intimidated by me, because I have a certain look, and a certain way of looking at people. I tend to look people in the eye, and I generally don't say much at first. What these same people do not know, however, is that silence and reserved attitude stems from shyness. Once you get past that, I'm an interesting person who has a wide range of hobbies, talents, skills, and attributes. Am I worth it? I think so, but I may hold a slight bias. I am slightly jealous, but that is my problem, not my partner's. I am very sensitive and emotional, but I hide it. I am strong, but I like to be looked after. I am protective, but I do not smother. I am affectionate, but I can stay out of your space when necessary. I love to talk, and I love to listen. I do not need a woman in my life to be happier, but I am happier when I am sharing life with a woman. I am chivalrous, honorable, and all those anachronistic things that make life better. At the same time, I am progressive, open-minded, and the least bigoted person on the planet. I will meet the right woman halfway, but I will not be a slave, and I will not beg anyone for anything. I don't smoke, but I don't mind if you do; same for drinking. I am not interested in a "50/50" relationship. In my view, that means both people are only giving half of their best effort. A "100/100" relationship is more what I have in mind. I'm a guy, and as such I have the same tendency towards crude behavior as all guys, but I appreciate women, I love women, and I try to curb those Philistine impulses. I'm at an age where I don't feel the need to try and get you in bed ten minutes after we meet, and I'm not going to ask if you want to see my John Deere tractor or anything like that. You may not believe it, but my sister actually had some guy use "John Deere tractor" as a euphemism for his penis; I had to share, you are welcome. Someone asked me recently about the qualities I find most attractive in a woman. Prior to my last relationship, I would have said "intelligence." After that experience, I have to say the most important quality in a woman, or any person for that matter, is honesty. Intelligence is sexy, but honesty is most important, between my mate and myself, and also TO ourselves. Be who you are, and admit it, be honest about it. I do my best to avoid bitterness, but I am only human. As I said at the beginning of this thing, my heart has been broken, and am still alive.... but it was still broken. My experiences make me who I am, and just because a woman had my love and devotion and failed to appreciate it does not mean I hold it against her: She is only human as well. I have decided that I will no longer settle. I will not jump into a relationship with a woman who is not who and what I need, because that is not fair to her or to me. Perfect? I don't want perfect, I want unique. My resolution for 2012, however is simple: NO MORE HALF MEASURES. If and when I find the right woman, she can have my heart.
68 Richmond, Kentucky, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 99
Well here's my story.....I'm an orphan...no family...no kids that I know of....no Ex's....I work between 60/70 hrs a week....live alone...I have/had cancer (lung) and I have COPD both killers....I own a 20 acre farm almost paid for...I smoke...am a nudist.. have a very high sex drive...and sleep on a water bed....and when I die right now the state of Kentucky will get my estate if I don't find me a little sweetheart to leave it to....but not just any old sweetheart...but one that will love me as I can love her...take care of the house...cook/clean/e ct...I'll help also when I'm not at my job or working around the farm here and there....if you can be my lover/companion in return I'll have someone to leave my estate to....that's where the scammers in the past have messed up...instead of looking long term they were looking short term what can I get right now with no effort on their part....so what do you think?....I'm not in the habit of throwing my money away....and the reason I'm looking for a foreign woman is cause American woman are really "FUCKED UP"....(sorry) but the truth....will you look down the road on this....or short term what's in your hand right now? I might not be someone's first choice, but I am a great choice. I may not be rich but I am valuable. I don't pretend to be someone I'm not, because I'm good at being me. I might not be proud of some of the things I've done in the past, but I am proud of who I am today. I may not be perfect but I don't need to be. Take me as I am, or watch me as I walk away



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