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48 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Seeking: Female 25 - 45
49 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Seeking: Female 25 - 40
45 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Seeking: Female 26 - 44
[IMPORTANT]: There are a lot of fake profiles, and they all contain 1 photo with no real information on their profile. If you are not fake, its best to update your profile. German background (mother born there), 1 younger sister and 1 nephew and 1 niece, 1 very sociable cat, and 1 anti social who lives in the upstairs cupboard whom I am lucky to see once a month. Not here to waste anyone's time, or myself. Not afraid to admit I am looking for my life human, the cat's position is already filled. Speaking of which, I'm not some weirdo who cant admit he has two cats, so taking in to consideration my age and single status, I am well on the way to the male version of Cat-Lady. I have been told a few times, the initial impression when looking at me is that i am a player or ladies man, this notion makes me snort my coffee out of my nose. To be frank, I am a serial monogamous, i rarely date. The last date i went on was 2014 and its been 5, almost 6 years since my last relationship. AND given how a lot of men are on dating sites, to be really frank, i have not slept with anyone also for 5 years, i don’t do casual. If i talk to someone on this site, i invest all my time to that person, i don’t juggle chats by trying to hedge my bets. I am still optimistic about finding the right person. Though, I really do hate "dating". It seems so superficial and how much can you learn about someone after a few dates. There is a lot to live up to, a lot of expectations and a lot of uncomfortableness with a complete stranger. Most people say i am sociable and talkative etc, but in reality, i am a bit shy. When i start getting to know someone i can be a bit nervous, but due to an overcompensation, i seem more sociable. It's just a facade to hide how i really feel, but I’m too old to hide who i am or pretend to be something else.
45 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Seeking: Female 18 - 60
Outgoing and motivated, I work out every day doing yoga, pilates, mountain biking, hiking, boxing, kickboxing, Aikido or some other healthy activity, I eat well and work hard to be healthy and have fun I'm super respectful and love helping friends and helping them achieve their dreams, it makes me happy to see that I can use my expertise and guidance to help others 😋 I speak English(native) french and Japanese I love travelling and meeting new people, and finding new experiences all over the world. I have met some amazing people from France and Japan while travelling and I am still friends with them. Im learning French and Japanese, and it's pretty difficult but hey I'm still trying and I'm going to keep going until I get there. I am a native english speaker I have previously owned restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, and cafes, I like dealing with people and love customers, my last cafe was voted in the top 5 cafes in Australia 3 years in a row. I have also done years of working with kids on a volunteer basis and was recognised by the government and court system for the work I did helping kids in trauma. My current business has government, military and intelligence agency clients I work in security and data protection for our customers all over the world. Im not someone who needs to show off and always have more, I'm trying to simplify my life and keep things minimal. I value genuine sincere people and want genuine experiences it's quality not quantity. I don't watch tv that much, I love movies and true stories like documentaries In Paris my friends to me to the lion king and it was awesome Will to try anything once, People that say you need money to be happy don't know what they're talking about and are probably more unhappy than the person with nothing but an amazing family around them. You don't have to worry about my finances I'm good, instead, ask yourself this question, if you found someone who was the perfect match for you but didn't have much money and you could be genuinely loved for the rest of your life would that be ok, if you answer yes then your probably someone I would like to know, if you too busy thinking about money and can they buy me this or that then don't bother with me, keep looking for the fake losers that might waste their money for a while on you 😁, I will never ask you for money or need you to give me any I'm all good in that area My picture is current as of the 1st of July 2023 it was taken in Champagne France on my recent holiday I live a healthy motivated and positive lifestyle and want to make the most of every day where I can, most profiles on here will be fake, If you want to talk no problem but we need to verify each other first before wasting time talking and trying to develop a friendship. We can do that via video chat just once that way you can see I'm real and I can see you then after that no problem we can do line or what's app etc or whatever suits you or whatever you are comfortable with, thanks and have a great day