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32 Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 20 - 37
Ode to joy, back to square one again... Truth be told, I'm not excited to be here. I hate this cattle auction which we call online dating, it's insincere and I'd rather meet people the old fashioned way but sadly these are the times we live in. I'm on POF to find a genuine connection with someone in hopes to marry them down the line, I'm tired of putting in time/effort in with the wrong people. I'm often seen as a woman's manic pixie boy fantasy, a living concept or a means to make them feel alive - and once they sober up to their little fantasy I'm left high and dry, and I'm not going through that again. I'm a tall, stoic, and passionate individual with morals and strong Christian undertone/mannerisms. I'm not here to waste your time with shallow interactions or motives. I'm looking for someone who can make me happy and also whom I can make happy; someone who can be my bestfriend. To tell you a little bit about myself, I'm a bit of geek (I like Warhammer 40K, Fallout, Star Wars, etc.) My love languages are acts of service and physical touch, and I'm an INTJ. I'm an avid animal lover, I find there is a lot of correlation between us and them than we care to admit - my favorite animal is the Killer Whale; speaking of animals, I have two cats. I'm an active person when time permitted, I like taking long walks downtown near the lake or on one of the many trails we have in Kelowna; also, I'm a strongman, I like to strength train and powerlift. Biking is something I'm looking to get into as well. [Profile under construction]
49 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Seeking: Female 18 - 30
I am somewhat traditional in my worldview, particularly regarding old-fashioned morals like monogamy, male and female roles in a relationship, and taking responsibility for our own thoughts, emotions, and actions. I am a very capable and hard-working person with a variety of skills and interesting projects. I am currently an online entrepreneur, which affords me the opportunity to travel with my work. I'm healthy and I take care of my physical/mental health with daily yoga and meditation. I often go running, and to the gym. I like Women who are the same. I am honest. I believe honesty, no matter how difficult (and if conveyed gently) is the best communication policy. On that note, I am a little bit perverted sexually, in the sense that I like to dress my Woman in erotic outfits and have her play various erotic and servile roles. So it helps if you like to play and explore your sexuality like that also. I am also a very intellectual and open-minded person. I explore all topics, but I have a clear understanding of what is right and wrong in the world, so I do have boundaries. I desire a Woman who has a similar level of intellectual, moral, and emotional maturity, although I prefer a younger Woman for reasons of attraction. I am loving and affectionate, as well as sincere and always well-meaning. But I do have limits and sometimes I need my space and time. I am also slightly domineering. I prefer a Woman who prefers to be subordinate to her Man. I am reliable and I do earn trust. I expect the same from my Woman. I am extremely creative and spiritual in my daily life. I am not generally speaking materialistic. I value authenticity and real connection over a perfect image. But I do appreciate a Woman who looks sexy, behaves sexy (to me alone), and keeps herself looking, smelling, and dressing well. I am measured and calm. It's very important in relationships to listen and understand the other, and in cases where there is disagreement or competing needs, it is important to compromise. And therefore it's very important for me to find a like-minded woman who enjoys a similar way of being and a similar lifestyle, and has similar interests and curiosities so that we're not forced to compromise too often. I have money but I'm not rich (yet), so if one of your main goals is to find a human bank machine, I won't respect you, so don't bother. Courageous. I am extremely talented and masculine in my person and personality, but like anyone, I have weaknesses. One of my weaknesses is learning new languages, so although I write books and make movies and do all kinds of fun things at a very high level, it helps a great deal if you are capable of speaking, or learning to speak fluent English. I very much doubt I would be able to learn Thai, but maybe over many years. So your English abilities will be very important to our relationship's success. Also, my interests are ancient history, Indigenous history, architecture, food, music, online business, nature, space, cryptocurrency, scuba diving, snorkelling, the beach, reading, financial literacy, films, streaming series, exercises of all kinds, serious yoga and meditation, the occult (all that has been hidden from us), including all the mysteries of life, as well as true conspiracies, the supernatural (such as Shamanism, the Paranormal, UFOs, Psychic abilities, and those sorts of things), as well as perhaps unconventional sexual exploration (within the safety and security of a faithful, monogamous trust-based relationship). There's a lot more to me than this, but only the right Woman will find out. If you're interested, add me to your favourites so that I know you read this and you want me to reach out. I believe Women can and should make the first move if they want. If not, I am happy to make the first move. I am confident in myself, and I have a lot to give to the Woman who matches my needs and desires. I hope to find her soon so that we can get on with the business of building our lives together. I am Canadian. I am also currently living in Mexico. I am right now, single and thinking of moving to Thailand to continue working with my online businesses, meditating, doing yoga, spending time at the beaches, getting into some martial arts, and perhaps meeting a good Woman with a similar vision as I have for life.