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High School

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56 München, Bavaria, Germany
Seeking: Female 18 - 45
Education: High School
67 Köln, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Seeking: Female 23 - 45
Education: High School
I think that there are cultural differences between our countries , in the ways that men and women relate, and personality differences from men here and in your country, which can be good, but so take some understanding from both sides I think, what do you think? I think that for a successful relationship people must be best friends, and truly want to support each other, if they are only really interested in what the other person can give them, and not in the person themselves, then it will not work, because one day you will find the person whom you really love just for the person that they are. I think that attentiveness and child ness is required, and having common goals to achieve in life, it may be that one person support the others goals more, but as long as both are truly happy with this. I think that people should not let monkey ction dry up in their relationship, and never go to sleep with bad feelings or thoughts about each other, any problem should be talked about and then Kiss and make-up: ) so that you will start each day feeling happy, positive and motivated about your life. What vision have you of your intended husband and of your couple ? As for my vision to see a couple, it is especially based on the education that gave me my parents . For me , my woman wants to be my equal, wife and husband are the single whole. They should love, care and respect each other, being good friends, lovers, listeners and advisers to each others ! Two people who are in love with each other must do everything together without saying: it's your duty or this should do only woman or man it is not only questions that she made only the thank less tasks of a house, it is the thing which we can make for two. i want you to know my point about my beloved and my future family. A man want a girl that give him always love, sweet ness, care, sensuality, surprises and so woman want to have a man for this. A man want it because he is like a child…he likes very much that someone takes care of him. A real woman knows it… she knows that the you can't organize all in the sametime. He likes very much a guide for him. The real woman knows that if it does not want to loose him must to be present in his life…in all moments… Now a lot of woman don't want it or don't want to give it but they want only to take. They want a man that must to be able in all. A man must to know all their needs…because only their needs are important. She should work… she should see her friends… she should do others things and when in evening together come back home it's possible that she says that she's tired…she wants to sleep…she doesn't want to talk... and there are men that don't have a lot of respect for their girls too… but a woman should try to be a real woman for him and would not be tired when he need this or we would be tired together, so the same offcourse its intention of the man she knows that a man wants love, care, surprises. He wants a girl that loves her beauty…her womanish ness…. that take care of herself and give him a lots of atte tion. In a family is very important the role of the woman. I think that the role of the woman is essential for a family. She should control and take care of childs education, the house economy. If a family is strong, very unite, beautiful and shining this depend on only by the woman. She has the capacity to control different things together, woman can't do this all just the course of her wish for this she need to love and she need to be loved by her man and a real man know this all and should do any effort to respect this and should show forth this in any kind of way and should be able to express his feelings to his woman. The most men don't recognize this or don't want to confess this because they could be hurt in to be not a strong man or to be weak. maybe its my life experience why I have this view but if i try to remember back my views where not much Different in the past only some things I understand now much, much better and whats your opinion? ?
49 Offenbach am Main, Hesse, Germany
Seeking: Female
Education: High School
Salammaleikum I would like to begin with a Aya  For Allah (s.w.t.) says in the Qur'an in sura Al-Ahzab, Aya 33 clearly: "Neither a creditor man nor a faithful wife, if Allah and His Messenger something have decided in its issue nor a choice. And those who are against Allah and His Messenger, is located in a significant error. Islam is more than just a religion it is a deen a Idiologie Bereche for all in life, Islam has a solution and before we commit an act, we must know the Hukm Sharia. Inshallah Khaire to my person i am 41 years old and I made my 2009 Haj I am married and have children . I am looking for a woman in this way to get married . Why ??? The polygamy is in Islam what normal only today, in our time, the erkentnisse of people your mafa hims changed today is Zina or Riba what normal ,but what Allah swt defenetiv has forbidden. Allah swt has the people with instincts and needs and created this regulation . The human person is the same today or before 1400 years what has changed are the material forms such as in the past one on a camel riding and driving a car today and what is still has changed are the mafahim the people after the as they live their lives . And Allah swt would never allow something which is impossible even if it only makruh would have had the sahaba and the taberin discouraged . So the polygamy is Halal and point from circuit. Allah swt has in the sure Nisa also no Illa no legal justification except that you are good enough. Inshallah inshallah Khaire More info later.



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