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50 München, Bavaria, Germany
Seeking: Female 24 - 41
Star sign: Gemini
50 München, Bavaria, Germany
Seeking: Female 18 - 40
Star sign: Gemini
55 Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Seeking: Female 18 - 32
Star sign: Gemini
Who is this Frank? I am an emotional, affectionate-empathetic, honest, romantic, sincere, loyal man with much sense of humor. I think that the common sense of humor is an important base of a table (or the most important?) between man and woman ... What do you think? --- I love listening to music, to the radio ... in my car or at home. I can't live without it. In particular I hear with pleasure classical music (my favorites are Vivaldi, Bach, Haendel, Telemann, Shostakovich), but so pop music, soul, jazz. But I also absolutely blossom, when I listen to Latin music. In my spare time I surf in the Internet, I talk with friends by telephone, I watch TV, play computer games, go to the cinema, to bowling center or to a restaurant. I like dancing (standard dances), but the suitable (convenient) dancing partner is actually missing for this ... ;-) from time to time I like to meet friends here at home and to spend the evening together, playing games, talking about God and the world" ... I also like swimming and skiing - once a year or better: every second year I go on short winter holiday trip to Austria. I prefer to make Ski Alpin. --- How I see the future? I want to find my soul mate, soon, find a woman who loves me for ever, who desires me and vice versa. I think that without desire it does not work. We live together happily and contently. We see our (common ...?) children growing up. (If there is love, there will have to be common children, too. That's my opinion.) We educate them (our children) to straight, sincere, happy, good people. We will always be aware of the fact that we love each other (my future love and me). But a basic feature of table is that my future wife must accept my children; in the most favourable case she likes them. For me the happiness, the health, the well-being of my family are absolutely the meaning of life, the 1st priority. I think so. --- important indication about "animals/pets": I respect animals/pets; they are - like us - God's creatures. However, I will have in my city flat no pets. Maybe later, if there will be an own house with much ground area, I (or our children!) will have horses, a goat, maybe chickens, rabbits or so ...!??. --- Do you have a dream, a personal dream of your life? How does the future look in your mind? How does look your life 5 years later? Could you imagine going abroad? What about your family, if you 'll going abroad? ... I look forward to you.
62 Papenburg, Lower Saxony, Germany
Seeking: Female 30 - 48
Star sign: Gemini
A human dog is a very loyal, reliable and honest person. He has a big heart and a lot of courage. Nevertheless, he is very sensitive and a very sincere friend and partner. Although they usually have a very large circle of friends, they only have a deep and intimate relationship with very few. But for the friends they do everything when they need their help and do not expect anything in return. In an emergency, a dog acts selflessly and without fear. A dog is a hospitable person, very calm and just, always trying to settle in to argument. Traditional values as helpful ​​such ness & honor are very important things in life for a dog. In the partnership, the dog should not listen too much to his mind and prefer to be guided by his heart. If a dog admits to his love, then he is the most faithful partner one can wish for. He is dedicated to the partner and is reliable and cares about the well-being of his loved ones with great dedication. The dog attaches great import ance to trust in the partnership and to being loyal to one another. Infidelity is the worst thing that can happen to him & a dog would never forgive. the dog-man is a very sincere person, who is very loyal and has a high intelligence. He loves justice and treats all people fairly. He can pursue his goals with a lot of perseverance and tenacity and takes his duties very seriously. Sometimes he goes out of his way to help others, totally neglecting his own interests. The dog-man is a very direct person and comes without big words equal to the topic. To his friends, he is a very reliable person who always has an open ear. The dog best fits with a horse or a tiger. Unsuitable is the connection to a dragon, because the character traits are far too different.



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