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51 Mueang Phuket, Phuket, Thailand
Seeking: Male 50 - 70
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30 Mueang Surin, Surin, Thailand
Seeking: Male
Home type:
I know that people are always have different minds and things but if we really want to be together we must try to change and fix it. Coz that's LOVE!! but if you don't change anything, that's selfish!! by the way : no rush to change!! Well, my name's Little. I am a student still. I'm studying in English major [English for communication.] because I wanna be a flight attendant just like any girls want as well... I like photography and driving a car around just to take photos of natural and animals, also people. I like music so much, I have to keep my phone close to me anytime just to hear the song but I hardly take the calls, lol. I dont like cooking. but I love eating! it would be great if my boyfriend will cook for me lol If we were on a car, I like to hold your arm. I know it is very dangerous to do so but I LIKE!! I like to read dictionary more than what my teacher want me to. I dont like make up girl. but of course I put it on a bit. Anyway I prefer not to hide what my face like and the real beauty should be showed by natural not those expensive make up. I like Rose and Chrysanthemum. A yellow and soft pink rose is my favorite. I like dark chocolate and apple I dont like a man who greets me "Hi, Are you in BKK? or I'll give you ........." If I want so, I'll ask you!! I love dogs but I like a man who loves cats. [I hate cats because I had bad experience before.] I hate rich men when they go to restaurant and pay their bills by credit card and no tips for waiters. Dont you know how heavy those dishes were ? I like to sit alone in a coffee shop and listen to music. I dont like when people look at me for whatever reason is.... I like a man who knows what they should treat with a woman not only in face but behind. Ps. Goodbye if you're searching for one night stand because mine is "ONE LIFE STAND"
39 Thon Buri, Bangkok, Thailand
Seeking: Male 23 - 43
Home type:
Chubby..so what?!?! Skype me up! ( It's Jengisthebest ) About me, My name is Jeng. Im originally from BKK, Thailand but im full chinese by blood. Ive raised up both in chinese and thai cultures. I used to live in America before. SO im very adaptive and open minded. Im easy going, down to earth, well organized, straight forward....i prefer to tell the truth even though it hurts because lie is much more worse. Get to know me if ur curious about me. I always lay the cards on the table but still im mysterious ;) I love travelling, going on a road trip, backpacking....or even a one short day trip. Trips in 2013 : - March, in Laos - May , in Japan - June , in Malaysia - October , Iran ( loved it!, u can see all the photos on my FB its public. I really wanna present this amazing country ^^ :) I like to work out at the gym. Thats where u will find me almost everyday. Bu no i dont have a hot body with muscles (yet) but im fit. I also like movies, music, cooking, any active activities. I dont like to stay still or i would prefer to sleep when i have nothing to do. Im really into psychology, philosophy, business and many other things that are useful for living on this crazy earth. I still think life is beautiful though. No matter what happens, its still beautiful if u know how to live and learn. No liars, no fakes please...even as an internet friend. I cant stand those people. ooOoOoo and no cam sex..if ur looking for someone to do an activity with then contact me. I like to make friends. I love people :) Skype : Jengisthebest Line : JengleBell FB : www.facebook.com/Ouyanghuizhen



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